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Lakeland Group now offers a wide range of sheep and goat handling equipment. From working chutes and crowding tubs to wire mesh fencing and sorters, we have absolutely everything you need for your sheep and goat farming efforts. It doesn’t matter how large or small your herds are, we have sheep & goat equipment that will fit your needs and more importantly, your budget. We have recently added a whole host of new sheep and goat handling products, so make sure to check out the videos and image galleries below!
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Sheep and Goat Handling Equipment Demonstration Videos

Sheep and Goat Deluxe Spin Trim Chute in Action
See our Deluxe Spin Trim Chute for use with sheep and goats in this video from the Lakeland Group. This time, we show an actual sheep inside of the device, and you can also see some of our chute and crowding tub equipment in the background. Lakeland Group offers a full range of Sheep and Goat handling equipment.
Sheep Running Through the Lakeland Sheep Crowding Tub and Chute System
Watch a brief example of sheep running through an example set-up of the Lakeland Group’s sheep crowding tub and chute system. These are some of the components we sell for your sheep handling needs, but we have these and many more in our catalogue.
NEW! Deluxe Spin Trim Chute for Sheep & Goats
View the features of the Deluxe Spin Trim Chute for Sheep & Goats!
A sheep farmer from Alberta:

“I can’t begin to tell you how happy we are with the Deluxe spin trim chute – it has sure saved our backs!”

Sheep and Goat Handling Equipment Photo Gallery

Here is a text listing of the images above – call us at 1-866-443-7444 for pricing!

Sheep & Goat Loading Chute with simple adjustable floor for loading into different height trailers.
BR5 – Round Bale Feeder- For large round bales up to 5ft
GH100 – Self Locking Head Rail- Simple design with release from either end
GMS100 – Milking Stand- Fully collapsible self-locking head rail on a stand and ramp
LSF08 – Round & Square Bale Feeder- For large round or square bales
PTF96 – Feed Front- Can be used as a gate or feed front
PN440-H – Sheep & Goat Digital Scale with self catching headgate
SB4 – Small Bale Feeder- Small bale feeder with 15 feeding spaces
SB8 – Small Bale Feeder- Small bale feeder with 26 feeding spaces
SHR – Hay Rack- Small hay rack holds one flake of hay
SSP8 – Spindle Section- Can be used as gates or penning
TF8 – Feed Front- Tombstone style feed front
BF96- Bunk Feeder with 10 feeding spaces (tombstone or slant bar) – works as free standing unit or can be attached to make a feed front – feeds hay & grain

About Lakeland

Lakeland Group has utilized many years of experience to establish itself as a provider of premium farm and ranch products from livestock handling equipment to animal health & land management solutions. Lakeland Group carries such products as q-catch headgates, squeeze chutes, livestock tubs & alleys, livestock weighing systems, wire mesh fencing and even sheep and goat equipment! Lakeland Group truly is your one-stop shop for all of your agricultural needs.

Lakeland Group was founded on the key principles of honesty, integrity & premium service in all our transactions. We service farms and ranches of all sizes, from the smallest acreages to the largest multi-acre farmsteads. Lakeland Group’s customer service department is a crucial part of our business and we offer the farmer & rancher exceptional service from the first phone call right through to the delivery of your purchase direct to your yard. Lakeland Group can help you make the best decision for your budget while providing you, the user, with best solution to your needs.

Call one of Lakeland Group’s friendly & knowledgeable customer service representatives today toll-free at 1 866 443 7444 to make an informed decision on your next purchase!